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Wheezing Maniac- Shade Through The Door lp IMPORT Record

Wheezing Maniac was a mysterious, short-lived band with enigmatic lyrics that was active in Southern California in the late eighties.

Due to their off-kilter originality, high energy, and thanks to the help of Larry Harmon of Genetic Disorder zine, two of their tracks, namely "Dollar on a Platter" and "Don’t Come Close” found their way onto the seminal classic skateboarding video H-Street’s Hokus Pokus.

Describing the video as a game changer would not be an overstatement, since it turned out to be one of the most influential skate films of all time. A generation of skaters raised on watching that film and since 1990 embraced the songs as part of their unique culture, though the music stands on its own, and has begun to be found by those outside skateboarding circles who value art created with a distinct and personal vision.

Shade Through the Night Door LP on Putojefe Records contains all 17 original songs the band ever recorded, enhanced by an impeccable remastering job which has given these tunes an invigorated new spirit. "It really doesn’t matter" if you've heard of them or not, the world needs this record.

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FFO: Minutemen, 80s USHC

Total playing time: 24:30

LP features two-sided fold-out insert with lyrics, pictures and liner notes.

200 copies pressed on black vinyl for stores.

You can listen to two tracks:

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100 on clear
200 on black